Digital Portrait Artist

My name is Andrea M. Bullen and I’ve been mesmerised by art for as long as I can remember. I’ve been an art student, art teacher and now artist. I suppose I’ll always be all three.

Animals have often been the subjects of my paintings, because.. well, I love animals. It seemed fitting for me to begin the next chapter of my journey as an artist with pet portraits – paintings created for people who love animals as much as I do…

How to commission a painting

Just send me some photos of your pets and I’ll do the rest! Please don’t be shy.. the more photos the better:]







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Welcome friends!

l’ve been creating whimsical pet portraits since 2021 and it’s been an incredible journey thus far! Along the way, I’ve discovered a newfound appreciation for portrait art. I think it’s a lovely way to memorialise and treasure someone very important.

Once upon a time only kings and queens were deemed worthy. But.. ehem, WHAT ABOUT MY SWEET PRINCE?

In my eyes, my dog is the most precious. I know many of you can relate to that sentiment when it comes to your own pet. I’d love to help you immortalise your pets in their very own portrait like the royalty they are<3